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January 31, 2018 @ 09 - 11 am


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Ijaodola Jamiu

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The Engineering Summit 1.0

The Engineering Summit 1.0 at Lagos State University is a designed veritable platform for addressing the challenges, solutions, opportunities and innovations in Engineering Profession. It an initiative borne out of the need for a platform to facilitate the convergence of great minds and coalescence of ground-breaking ideas that will ensure participants get impacted to become solution-oriented minds that proffer pragmatic panaceas to global, national and local challenges. The summit themed CHALLENGES FACING THE ENGINEERING PROFESSION ; PROFFERING SUSTAINABLE PANACEAS BEYOND 21ST CENTURY will be featuring Five Thousand (5,000) participants ranging from Budding Engineers from twenty (20) Nigerian Institutions to Ten (10) Professional Engineering bodies in Nigeria. This maiden edition takes place on the 31st of January, 2018 at Main Auditorium, Lagos State University Ojo Campus, hosted by Mr Ijaodola Jamiu (CEO, Germane Consults).

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About Germane Consults

Germane Consults is a brand which specialises on Corporate Social Responsibility Management, Digital Literacy and IT Education. The brand was established to harness the constant innovations in a fast paced digital world for the advancement of the society and the enrichment of its burgeoning population especially the millenials. The brand identifies specific areas all around Nigeria whose digital Literacy is in a bad state and thereby partners with several brands towards strenghtening thier Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Drive via implentation of digital literacy activities in the required areas all around Nigeria.

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January 31, 2018 @ 09 am

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PROFESSOR Olanrewaju Fagbohun

Vice Chancellor Lagos State University

Opening Remarks

Mr. Fola Tinubu

Event Chairman, MD Primero Transport Services & Maryland Wreckage LTD.

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Frequently asked questions

Q.What are the aims and objectives of the summit?

A. The Engineering Summit 1.0 is a veritable platform for addressing and discussing the challenges, solutions, opportunities and innovative ideas in Engineering Profession.

Q.What are the benefits of The Engineering Summit 1.0?

A. The Engineering Summit 1.0 will serve as an 'eye opener' for budding engineers in other to highlight the reality between the 'town' and the 'gown' , Also, the Summit will bridge the gap of communication/interaction between budding and practising engineers.

Q.Who can attend The Engineering Summit 1.0?

A. The Engineering Summit 1.0 is primarily for budding Engineers; However, Non-Engineers can also attend sequel to the fact that the summit will also be featuring presence of Speakers who will be addressing issues relating to Nigeria in entirety.

Q.Will certificate of Participation be issued to participants?

A. The Engineering Summit 1.0 at Lagos State University is a World Class Event, by virtue of that, Certificate of Participation will be issued to registered participants only.

Q.What are the purpose of Partnering with Educational bodies ( Code Lagos, I-Mentor Foundation, Business Value Consulting) for the summit?

A. Our partnership with all of these bodies is in conformity with the Vice Chancellor's intention of revitalising Lagos State University in all ramifications. Our responsibility as World Class students is to complement this intention via workable and viable partnerships.

Q.Will the summit be an annual program?

A. The summit is expected to be a continuous program with an intention of ensuring budding Engineers regularly get impacted to become solution-oriented minds.

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